Friday, January 25, 2008

What Does Your Day Look Like?

While we're still in Jan - and my New Year's resolutions are still in effect - here's a tongue-in-cheek look at a fairly typical day:

A Day in the life of a Wife / Mother / Pet-owner / Education Specialist / Rock Star

6:30 am - wake up
6:35 am - wake computer up
6:45 am - wake 2- & 4-legged family members up
7:00 am - have 1st cup of coffee to assist with the wake-up process
7:30 am - have 2nd cup of coffee and become fully (?) alert
8:00 am - let dog out
8:15 am - check email, eBay & OSI Forums
8:30 am - let dog in
8:45 am - read the OSI Newsletter & sign up for Podcasts & Webinars
9:00 am - let dog out
9:15 am - activities of daily living
9:30 am - let dog in
10:30am - walk 2 miles listening to OSI Podcasts on trusty iPod
11:00am - let dog out
11:15am - implement info from OSI Podcasts to increase success!
12:00pm - let dog in
1:00 pm - attend OSI Webinar or work on being part of the 1% club
2:00 pm - let dog out
2:15 pm - get materials ready for eBay class
3:00 pm - let dog in
3:05 pm - check email and OSI Forums
3:15 pm - cook dinner for both 2- & 4-legged family members
4:15 pm - let dog out
4:30 pm - check in with child
5:00 pm - check in with husband
5:30 pm - take shower (!) - note time ;-)
6:00 pm - teach class
9:30 pm - arrive home
10:00pm - check email and OSI Forums

What does Your day look like?


  1. I wanted to take a nap just reading your day!

  2. You've got the coffee/dog part right!

    Jennifer Smith

  3. Sounds like you need a doggy door! You might have an extra hour hiding in there.

  4. Marlene, I can relate! This is my day in a nutshell, except I have cats now, they don't have to go out. I would add packing and shipping my eBay sales to my day! LOL! Checking the computer is the 1st thing I do every morning - and if I get up in the night I always head for the computer. OCD eBay seller and OSI Rock Star! janieruth


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