Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010: What's In Your Future?

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On Wed Dec 23 at 8:00pm ET, I'm going to be one of the guests featured on 'The River, The Ranch & The Bay' (RRB) podcast!

Won't you join us? We'll cover a number of things to jump start your success in the coming year:
  • Customer Service
  • Getting Out of Your Own Head
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Goal Setting
  • Holiday Networking
  • Keywords
  • and more!
Of course we'll also discuss social media for eCommerce and, for the Education Specialists in the audience, we'll talk about social media strategies to promote your classes.

There are going to be some exciting announcements on the show before I go on so be sure to tune in at the very beginning. RRB - 8:00pm ET. The Chat Room will be open so join us and participate in the discussion!

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Developing a Social Media Strategy That Rings the Register

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Join our 'Tips From the Top' podcast this Wed, Dec 16 (3pm ET/noon PT) when our guest will be Bernie Borges, Founder and CEO of Find and Convert and author of "Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap Between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing."

During the podcast Bernie will discuss the steps to take to develop a successful social media strategy for your business. He'll talk about the 4 stages of interaction, content marketing, how to measure results and much more!

In addition, Bernie has generously offered to give away a copy of his book to one of our listeners. The recipient will be chosen based on their level of engagement with him on social media channels. Bernie invites you to connect with him on Twitter (http://twitter.com/berniebay), by joining his Facebook Fan Page, leaving a comment on this blog post and/or adding "Marketing 2.0" to your Amazon Reading List on LinkedIn. The person who has demonstrated the most engagement will win a signed copy of the book.

Our Podcast Chat Room will be open during the call (Wed Dec 16 / 3pm ET/ noon PT) and we welcome your questions and comments!

Be sure to connect with Bernie NOW for the opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Learn How To Sell on eBay - The Basics & Beyond

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to sell on eBay? Do you want to learn how to turn your selling 'hobby' into a business? Or how to set up an eBay Store?

Education Specialists Trained by eBay are independent contractors in your local area who can meet with you for one-on-one or group trainings. They can provide the answers to your questions and they're the only instructors who have access to the 'official' eBay training materials.

To find an Education Specialist, go to the Education Specialist Directory and type in your zip code. This will provide a list of instructors and classes that are available in your area.

If you're on Twitter, you can follow
@ebayuniversity to be notified as classes come up.

And if you're looking for a unique gift this holiday season, consider giving a gift certificate for an eBay class!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

5 Online Selling Problems & How to Handle Them

is it christmas?Image by harold.lloyd (won't somebody think of the bokeh?) via Flickr

Holiday sales are in full swing and as an ecommerce seller you may be encountering some sticky situations that you haven't dealt with before.

What to do?

Join us our Tips From the Top podcast this Wed (Dec 9) at noon ET/9am PT when Charlene Anderson - experienced ecommerce seller - joins us to talk about how to handle 5 of the major/most common online selling problems.

Charlene currently sells on her own website as well as on eBay, Amazon, etsy and a couple of the smaller sites. With 10+ years experience in online selling, Charlene has run across all types of buyers and all kinds of problems that can occur. Make your life easier and learn from her experiences!

While I can't reveal all the selling problems Charlene will cover, I can say that it's not the end of the world if you ship the wrong item! :-)

The podcast Chat Room will be open during the call (Thu Dec 9 at noon ET/9am PT). We welcome you to join us 'live' so you can contribute to the discussion &/or ask questions about any 'problem situations' you've encountered.

We have also started a related 'Discussion' on The Savvy Seller Facebook page so please join in there - post a problem, offer a suggestion to someone else or just commiserate!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

iabol for eBay: Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

spring cleaning c/o ebay, ups, and usps - _MG_9003Image by sean dreilinger via Flickr

Mark Your Calendars!

What: 'Tips From the Top' Podcast

When: Tuesday, December 1 - 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

Your are invited to join our 'Tips From the Top' podcast to learn about iabol for eBay - an easy-to-use multi-carrier shipping solution currently certified with UPS and USPS via Endicia.

This new eBay app gives eBay sellers more choices for domestic and international shipping. Designed with powersellers in mind, this solution is fully integrated with Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

Marty Stamps, Director of Marketing at ABOL Software, will be our podcast guest on Tue Dec 1 (2pm ET/11am PT). He'll discuss the features and benefits of iabol for eBay and will be happy to answer your all your questions about this service.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Trends and Bing's Shopping & Cash Back Programs

Bing first page (Portugal)Image by bpedro via Flickr

Mark your Calendars!

Today our 'Tips From the Top' podcast guest will be Kelly Scott, Product Manager on the Bing Shopping/Cashback team.

Kelly is joining us to answer questions about Bing's shopping and cashback programs and how they hold value for merchants.

In addition, Kelly's position at Bing gives her a unique view of the holiday trends that are already appearing. Listen in - something you hear might help you take advantage of them and increase your holiday sales!

Please join us for an information-filled 30 minutes - all about Bing!

The podcast is TODAY - 3:00pm ET/noon PT. The chat room will be open and we welcome your questions!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

A ReCap of The 'Presenters Series' Master Mind Roundtable

Bridging the conf. call for the April 15, 2009...Image by Dimdim Web Conferencing via Flickr

The 'Presenters' Series' explores the techniques and tools that are essential for a successful presentation, whether it's an online webinar or an in-person class.

A Master-Mind Round-Table discussion held on Mon Nov 2nd served as the introduction to the 8-part series. Janelle Elms, Phaedra Stockstill and yours truly, Marlene Gavens, shared tips for those who want to master the art of public speaking or teaching.

As part of the series, co-hosts Cindy Shebley and Dany Byrne will be trying out a variety of tools in the individual sessions.

In this first session, they used FreeConferencePro.com What did they discover about the service?

First, although there is a lot to recommend the service, during the peak evening hours, Free Conference Pro has a reputation for dropping calls. Sadly, the call re-inforced this reputation - it was dropped half way through. They were unable to continue, and so missed a presentation by the fourth speaker, Sheryl Schuff, as well as the anticipated Question & Answer Session.

Second, the audio quality was spotty. Each speaker's phone had a different sound - some clear and crisp, some with a low hum.

So on a technical front, this call receives a C+

But the content was stellar. Each speaker addressed a different aspect of interviewing, from preparation through helping guests to relax. In addition, the discussion touched on the many ways internet conferencing tools could be used to grow an online business.

I invite you to listen to the replay on The Web Sellers' Circle and to sign up for the remaining 7 sessions!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

10 Ways Small eCommerce Sellers Can Compete with the Big Guys

Browsing items in Google BaseImage via Wikipedia

The following tips come to you courtesy of

Paul O’Brien.

Paul is VP of Sales & Marketing for Outright.com, the free online financial management platform that tracks business performance, income and expenses so sole proprietors and small business owners can put their taxes, bookkeeping, and back-office on autopilot.

1. Track Your Best Customers: Offer special deals for those customers who order the most volume. Not only will you further your relationship as a vendor, but you’ll be able to maintain your margins and secure future business. Best way to do this? Bookkeeping. Be sure to record every sale and associated expenses clearly and consistently and you can review a report of who bought what, when, and with what impact to your bottom line. Outright.com does this all automatically with a handy report of your best customers.

2. Offer Special Discounts: Timing is everything. I know, we all hate hearing holiday music and seeing the decorations in stores BEFORE Thanksgiving but the fact is, the holiday shopping season has started. Learn from the brick & mortar stores: promote the bargains, offer packages or discounts for bulk purchases and recognize that people want to get in and done. Offer short term promotions to entice them to wrap up their purchases by buying everything from you.

3. Don’t Miss Tax Deductions: If you sell online, you’re very likely work from home. Don’t be afraid to plan on taking the home office deduction, especially if you have your inventory in your house. What else can you write off? eBay sellers, do you hop garage sales on the weekend looking for steals? Are you keeping track of that mileage?

4. Check out Comparison Shopping Sites: To divert customers from mass retailers, many small businesses are looking into online comparison shopping sites to reach a larger audience and attract sales. Check out free shopping sites like Google Base to get started. Use SingleFeed to distribute your products to multiple CSEs (comparison shopping engines), optimize performance, and do it all at the right price.

5. Simplify Checkout: Believe it or not, 3 steps to checkout has a higher conversion rate than making it easy for customers to check out with just one step. Don’t put everything on a long form; walk them through the process. Order Review > Shipping Info > Payment.

6. Organize Sales and Manage Inventory – Work with manufacturers, vendors, and drop shippers now to ensure inventory is available and shipping is on time. Their ability to fulfill your needs can make or break your store during the holiday.

7. Effectively Market Your Promotions: The best form of marketing is retention; you’ve identified your best customers and converted hundreds more through the holiday season, keep them around in 2010 by creating e-newsletters them know what’s hot with your store.

8. Be Up Front and Clear about your Shipping and Handling – 72% of customers who abandon an online shopping cart do so because shipping charges are higher than they expected.

9. Offer Free Shipping - 61% online shoppers prefer to shop with a retailer that offers free shipping, 60% claim free shipping is a reason they are more likely to shop online, and 90% believe free shipping offers would entice them to spend more online. According to a Wharton study, free shipping offers that save customers $7 is more appealing to most shoppers than a discount that cuts the price of a purchase by $10!

10. Don’t Worry About Others’ Conversion Rates: Benchmarking your own store against everyone else will only give you headaches. Spend a couple hours with Google Optimizer and learn how to do basic A/B and Multivariate testing. The best thing you can do for your business is focus on improvement. A 10% increase in conversion rates (say from 5% to 5.5%) puts 10% more sales in your pocket and improves your ROI on EVERY marketing campaign.

About Outright.com: The Outright.com platform is fast-becoming the go-to resource for e-commerce sellers, as their newest integrations with PayPal and eBay allow millions of merchants to automatically record their sales and track their growth across multiple ecommerce channels, including etsy, eBay, Amazon and the Yahoo! Store. Business owners no longer have to manually record each sale they've made in multiple marketplaces or even in their own store; online merchants managing their checkout with PayPal, have sales automatically recorded and reported with Outright.com

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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Master Mind Call, A Call To Action & How To Terapeak

A phone made specifically for conference call.Image via Wikipedia

November starts out in full swing with 3 powerful podcasts! Be sure to mark your calendars so you don't miss a single one!

'Presenters Series' Mastermind Round Table
Tue Nov 3
8:00pm eastern / 5:00pm Pacific

Online education is a new way to reach students, clients and promote your business. It's a growing field and an abundance of new technology makes it easy and inexpensive to reach more people.

Webinars and Podcasts are becoming a common way to communicate and build a community, yet
most educators don't know where to start, what tools work the best or a host of other details.

The Web Sellers Circle is proud to introduce the new "Presenter Series" which will be a valuable resource for those interested in learning how to participate in online trainings. As a way to introduce the series, The Web Sellers' Circle is hosting an exciting, free Master Mind Round table conference call with industry experts:
Be sure to save time on Tue Nov 3 at 8:00pm eastern and join us. You can register for the program by using this link: http://www.websellerscircle.com/public/331.cfm

Social Media and More for eCommerce Sellers
Wed Nov 4
Noon eastern / 9:00am Pacific

Join Michael Stelzner, author of the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, organizer of the Social Media Success Summit & founder of the Social Media Examiner as we talk about
  • using social media in your business
  • how a white paper can help your business
  • the importance of a call to action & why you must have one
  • and more!
Michael Stelzner is known as the "Grandfather of White Papers." He has written over 130 white papers for companies including Microsoft, Dow Jones, FedEx, Motorola & Hewlett Packard. He is a sought after speaker who has presented at national business and marketing conferences such as MarketingSherpa and MarketingProfs.

This past month he launched the Social Media Examiner - a free online, weekly magazine that features how-to articles, case studies, video interviews and tips from experts in the field.

Michael has written numerous blog posts and articles including: Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes and a New Approach, How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business & How To Use LinkedIn to Create Authoritative Content.

Join our Tips From the Top podcast on Wed Nov 4 at 12:00 noon (eastern) for an information-filled, fast-paced conversation with Michael Stelzner. The Chat Room will be open and we welcome your questions.

How To Research with Terapeak
Thu Nov 5
2:00pm eastern / 11am Pacific

Today our podcast guest is the dynamic Denise Hogue, Terapeak Product Manager. We'll discuss Terapeak's new, free eBay Keyword application and then cover some of the other, perhaps less well-known or less-used features of this research tool that can improve your selling strategies.

Join our Tips From the Top podcast on Thu Nov 5 at 2:00pm eastern to learn about Terapeak! Our Chat Room will be open and we welcome your questions!

Watch a Terapeak eBay Research Demo

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Terapeak Keywords App!

Image representing Terapeak as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

Today is the official release of the Terapeak Keyword Application for eBay sellers and best of all, it's FREE!

If you've ever sold on eBay, you know the first step to creating a great listing is coming up with a great title.

Terapeak Keywords is a free tool that helps eBay sellers optimize their listing titles.

Type in an item's name/description into the search field. Terapeak's tool will then sample 100 recent eBay listings that have also included the specified search term(s) and automatically produces a list of related keywords accompanied by average prices and other metrics.

By clicking the most valuable relevant keywords and adding then to your listing, you can continue to build your title until you've used up all 55 characters!

Here's the summary of its features:

  • 20 suggested keywords related to your search
  • average, maximum & minimum prices for each suggested keyword
  • a self-refreshing suggestions list as you select additional keywords
  • the ability to build your title until you've exhausted all 55 characters
  • all data based on 100 recently closed eBay listings.
It's free!! Available on eBay's Selling Manager Applications platform Try it out!!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

DeClutter Discoveries and A Yankee Auctioneer

RelicsImage by mercurialn via Flickr

Please join us for this week's Tips From the Top podcasts featuring a decluttering adventure and a Yankee Auctioneer!

Tue Oct 27 - 1:00pm eastern/10:00am pacific
DeClutter Discoveries with Joyce Banbury

Joyce has been an eBay seller since 1998 and is currently an eBay Certified Education Specialist & Owner at AuctionBBS (Auction Better Business Solutions).

Joyce has owned and successfully operated home-based businesses for over 27 years. Now she is on a journey to declutter her own home. Bravely baring her clutter chaos to the world, she's invited us to share this adventure with her on her blog!

Tune in to the podcast to hear Joyce's motivation for embarking on this journey and the tips she's learning from this real-life experience!

Wed Oct 28 - 3:00pm eastern/noon pacific
Meet The Yankee Auctioneer

Walt Kolenda, aka Auction Wally, is a licensed auctioneer with 25+ years in the antiques and collectible business.

However, auctioneer is only one of the many hats this Yankee wears!!
Appraiser, podcaster, author and eCommerce seller also describe this multi-tasker. And there is even more....

So be sure to tune in to the podcast to meet Auction Wally - on the other side of the microphone!!

The Chat Room will be open during both podcasts and we welcome your questions!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Your Facebook Fan Page Is Affected By Yesterday's Changes

Facebook, Inc.Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday Facebook rolled out some changes to the News Feed / Status Updates.

In the new version of the News Feed you'll now see the top stories that Facebook feels has the most relevant information for you.

By clicking on the 'Live Feed' tab you'll still be able to see stories as they appear in real time.

From Facebook:

Two important points to note about the Top News stream:

1. Stories will be chosen for Top News based on a variety of undisclosed factors, including but not limited to “how many people comment and like” on stories, “who you’re close with,” and “who you interact with frequently.”

2. Facebook is adding user activity stories back to the News Feed – like friend acceptances, relationship updates, event RSVPs, group memberships, and becoming a fan of a Page. In the real time stream, only explicitly “shared” content appeared in the stream.

So what does this have to do with Fan Pages? Plenty!!

Many people have jumped on the Facebook Fan Page bandwagon without any real thought on how to make them work for their business.

With the new changes, Fan Page stories will now be subject to the same algorithm as the News Feed. This means that Fan Page updates won't necessarily show up in your fans' News Feeds in real time as they have been doing.

It's going to take more creativity and work for a Fan Page to be effective.

What and How?

In this redesign, Fan Page posts will show up based on how much response they get, how many people comment on them and how much fans interact with the page.

Business owners using Fan Pages now need to think about what they can do to their updates so they'll show up in the News Feed.

How you can make your stories interesting enough to be 'liked' and commented upon by others? Determine what it will take for your clients or customers to stay engaged and keep returning.

Some ideas:

  • create a poll
  • ask thought-provoking questions
  • start discussions that will get people talking
  • offer incentives or discounts
  • send people on a 'treasure hunt'

Be creative, work it and your Fan Pages will work for you!

If you like this post, please sign up for The Savvy Seller Fan Page where we already have some discussion going and features available only to fans!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make Shipping Easy & Cost-Effective This Holiday Season

United States Postal ServiceImage via Wikipedia

If you're an eCommerce seller, you know that shipping costs can make or break a sale.

An internet based postage service can help you reduce costs and even save you time.

Join The Savvy Seller's 'Tips From the Top' podcast this Wed Oct 21 at noon eastern / 9am Pacific as we talk with Eric Nash, Director of Online Marketing at Stamps.com.

Stamps.com is software that allows you to buy and print official USPS postage right from your computer without any special hardware. The software gives you postage discounts that you can't get at the post office or with a postage meter.

Imagine having your own post office that's open 24/7! Stamps.com allows you to retrieve order data from eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon.com, Google Checkout and PayPal Shops.

Join our podcast on Wed 10/21 at noon EDT and find out how Stamps.com can make your life easier this holiday season and beyond!

The Chat Room will be open and we welcome your questions.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Hoot! My Bra Is For Sale on eBay!

As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many of us have been touched by this disease. It's time to band together, raise funds for research and make breast cancer a thing of the past.

In an effort to reach this goal, a network of eBay, Bonanzle and Internet sellers have organized a "BLING MY BRA" campaign that is running all month long to raise money for breast cancer research.

Each day during October there will be an eBay auction of one or more 'fantasy art bras' - creative confections with themes that are beautiful, funny & inventive. 100% of the money raised by these auctions goes to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure.

Somehow, one of my bras has become a 'fantasy art bra.' Not quite sure how it happened but I think a savvy little owl was involved.

Here's the link to the auction.
Please place a bid!!

You can follow the action on Twitter using #BlingMyBra or by following @BlingMyBra.

Huge thanks to eBay seller WOADIELAND, Beth Cherkowsky and eBay seller GalleriaGifts, Melinda Jackson for coordinating this.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business

You own a small business and know you should be doing 'something' with Social Media. But what is that 'something?'

If you're wondering how Social Media fits your business or how to get the most out of your online presence, be sure to join us tomorrow, Wed Oct 7 at noon EDT/9am PDT on our Tips From the Top podcast, when our guest will be Jennifer L. Jacobson, author of '42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business.'

Jennifer L. Jacobson is a communicator specializing in Public Relations, Brand Identity and Strategic Sales. As a Public Relations Professional, Jennifer creates powerful campaigns that have had her clients featured on Oprah & Friends, DisneyFamily.com, The Huffington Post and The American Marketing Association’s Marketing News. As a strategic sales professional, Jennifer has the unique ability to grow a sales campaign from the ground up and turn cold leads into clients almost overnight.

Join the podcast 'live' (Wed Oct 7 at noon EDT) as we talk about the 'rules,' how they fit your business & how you can make the most of your social media presence!

The Chat Room will be open and we welcome your questions!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

LinkedIN: Are You Part of the 90%?

I recently read that 90% of individuals who signed up on Linkedin have no idea how to use the site!

Are you in that 90%?

If you'd like to learn more about this business networking site, please join me tonight, Mon Oct 5, at 8:00pm EDT (5:00pm PDT) on the Selling Circus Podcast for 'LinkedIn Basics & Beyond!'

I'm honored that the Yankee Auctioneer (Walt Kolenda aka Auction Wally) and his co-host, the Southern Belle (aka Phaedra aka @attheboutique) have invited me to be a guest on their show.

LinkedIn is best categorized as a business-oriented social networking site.

It has a different 'feel' than some of the other popular sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Many people set up a LinkedIn profile but quickly lose interest in the site because they don't know what to do next.

Tonight on the Selling Circus podcast we'll talk about how to get started on LinkedIn, how to create a powerful, optimized profile, the various features of the site and some strategies for success.

Linkedin also has a specific vocabulary. To give you a head start, here are a few of the terms you'll want to know:

Connection: A connection is the relationship between two LinkedIn members. A member who has accepted an invitation from you to connect is considered to be a 1st degree connection.

Contact: A contact is someone you know and can reach through a working email address.

Network: A network is defined as a group of LinkedIn users that can contact you through connections up to three degrees away. You are at the center of your network with the following degrees of connections:

  • Direct connections make up the 1st degree of your network
  • Connections to each of your direct connections make up your 2nd degree
  • Connections to those in your 2nd degree make up your 3rd degree.

Invitation: An Invitation is sent by an existing LinkedIn user who wants to connect to another person who may (or may not) be a LinkedIn user. For two people to become connections, one must send an 'Invitation' and the other member must accept it.

Introduction: Introductions are LinkedIn messages that allow LinkedIn members to contact or to be contacted through shared or mutual connections.

Please join us for tonight's podcast at 8pm EDT as we discuss Linkedin: features, best practices and how-to's.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 3 C's of Social Media Marketing

I'm often asked to explain social media and how it can work for a business.

I haven't yet figured out how to do it as concisely as a 30-second elevator speech, but here are 3 key elements (condensed) that convey the concepts. I call them the 3C's of Social Media Marketing.

The 3 C's are: Connect, Communicate and Convert.

Connect: The 1st step involves connecting with others and expanding your network of contacts. Whether they are other professionals in your field, your competitors, your customers or clients, it's important to expand your network. Depending on your business and your goals, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin offer excellent platforms on which to connect. Keep in mind they are not 'one size fits all.' First try to determine which site(s) your customers or clients are using. Each site has a different 'feel' and set of accepted practices so it's important to determine will one(s) serve you best.

Communicate: This is the 2nd step. Having a network of contacts doesn't accomplish anything if you don't communicate with the goal of developing relationships. Developing relationships is key since your contacts aren't going to be interested in hearing from you if your only interactions are about your product or service. Engage your contacts by consistently providing them with something they perceive to be of value. Consistency works to keep the relationship on-going and if you can involve your connections in a community, that will engage them even more.

Convert: This is the 3rd step. Connecting and Communicating pave the way for you to 'close the deal.' Each business has its own goals for social media marketing so they'll have their own way to measure conversion success.

If steps 1 & 2 don't lead to conversion, then it's time to re-examine the goals and the process - keeping in mind that building a network and relationships takes time and consistency.

Do you agree? disagree? Please share your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All About Social Media, Blogs & eBay Apps

Mark your calendars!

When: Today - Tue Sept 29 at 2pm EDT/11am PDT

What: Podcast - Blog for Profit with Grant Griffiths

Where: The Savvy Seller's Tips From the Top Podcast

Join us for an informative podcast on profitable blogging!

Grant Griffiths has been blogging since 2005 and is co-founder of 2WebMedia. His blogs include 'Blog for Profit' and 'Home Office Warrior' which is geared to those who work from a home office.

He is author of the 'Better Blog Building' ecourse, the 'Building a Successful Blog' series and the upcoming '31 Days To Kick Your Blog in the Butt' series which starts this Thursday, Oct 1. The '31 Days' series is ...FREE! Tune in to the podcast for details on how to sign up.

Grant's focus is on blogging as a communication tool which can be used to build a relationship with your target audience, turning them into regular readers and then into life-long consumers of your goods or services.

Please join us - the Chat Room will be open during the call and we welcome your questions!

Mark Your Calendars!

When: Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 30 at noon EDT/9am PDT

What: The Savvy Seller Talks Social Media

Where: Tribe Talk with WebWendy

I'm delighted to be a guest on WebWendy's radio show tomorrow to talk about social media.

We'll discuss social networking and knowing WebWendy, she's sure to inject the call with her unique sense of humor!

Please join us!

Mark Your Calendars!

When: Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 30 at 4:00pm EDT/1:00pm PDT

What: All About Page Mage

Where: The Savvy Seller's Tips From the Top podcast

Join Eric Sifres, CEO of PageMage as we talk about this new eBay App!

With Page Mage you can create your own eBay templates with such interactive features as video, links and pop-ups all in a simple drag and drop format. With a simple click of the mouse you can make your templates stand out above the rest!

The Chat Room will be open during the call and we welcome your questions!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twitter Mosaic

Something different (and fun) for today!

Get your twitter mosaic here.

PS - I have the best followers!

PPS - if you don't follow me already you can find me at @thesavvyseller.

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