Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Are You Going to Retain Your New Customers?

With 2008 coming to an end, now is the time to focus on ways to improve & increase your business in the coming year.

Hopefully you acquired many new customers in 2008. Customers who were delighted with their purchase and the shopping experience. Customers who were excited to tell their friends about your business.

Did you know that your satisfied customers are your best prospects for future sales?

How are you going to take advantage of that and continue the relationship?

Using email marketing in the form of a newsletter is one way to engage and retain your customer. Since your buyers are innundated with email, you need to know the right ways to maintain contact and ask for their business. It's a delicate balance and a mis-step could result in the loss of customers and sales.

What is the right approach to email marketing? What 6 points should you keep in mind to respect your buyer and promote your business? What are 3 types of content that your customer will perceive as valuable?

On Jan 9 & 15, 2009 you are invited to join us for a free, 2-part informative podcast training on 'Using Email Marketing (newsletters) to Retain Customers and Increase Sales.' Greg Bala of Sales in a Click will be our guest.

Part I is Fri Jan 9 at 2:00pm EST (11am Pacific) and Part II is Thu Jan 15 at 11:00am EST (8am Pacific). To listen, click on The Savvy Seller's Tips From the Top' podcast home page. The chat room will be open and your questions and comments are welcome. Greg may even have a special offer for those who listen in live.

To learn more about 'Sales in a Click' you can listen to Greg Bala this Tue Dec 30 at 3:00pm EST (noon Pacific) on an OSI RockStar podcast. To listen to the OSI podcast, sign up here.

Happy New Year to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas for eBay Sellers

Are family & friends having a hard time figuring out what to give you as a gift? Or are you looking to treat yourself to something special this holiday season?

If you're an eBay seller, the perfect choice may be a gift that will help your business grow & prosper! Consider a subscription to a research or product-sourcing site or the purchase of a specialized training or training materials.

What about a subscription to Terapeak for more advanced research opportunities?

Or, for information on how to find a niche or grow your business beyond eBay you may be interested in these membership sites: What Do I Sell? or OSI Rock Stars.

To find wholesale or drop-ship suppliers perhaps WorldWide Brands: The Product Sourcing Experts is right for you.

If you want to set your eBay store up correctly and learn specific techniques for getting increased online exposure, then you'll definitely want this comprehensive training: a 7-cd set containing over 25 hours of personal coaching from the leading expert in eBay Stores - Janelle Elms.

For valuable and timely information about the changes on eBay and the best strategies for dealing with them, then RocketPlace, a site with events, education and advice for eBay sellers at all levels would be perfect.

For individual, personalized training, treat yourself to a class with an Education Specialist Trained by eBay located near you.

If you're an eBay seller, you've been dealing with a huge number of changes on the site. No doubt the changes have caused you to re-think & revise your business model.

Why not invest in yourself and your business this holiday season?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things & Other Stuff, Advanced WordPress & TaTango

Tired of listening to Christmas carols while you work?
Then tune into these (free) trainings!

Meet Cliff Aliperti
Tuesday Dec 9 - NOON EST

Join Cliff Aliperti of Things and Other Stuff as he tells all on The Savvy Seller's 'Tips From the Top' podcast!

Advanced WordPress (Part II) with Scott Pooler
Tuesday Dec 9 - 9:00PM EST/6:00PM Pacific
Join Scott Pooler, CEO of iBusinessLogic, as he trains us even further on how to use WordPress! Advanced WordPress - Part I was so popular and jammed full of info that we scheduled a Part II.
Listen to this free training on The Savvy Seller's 'Tips From the Top' podcast series. The chat room opens a few minutes early and we'd love to have you join us there while you listen in. Don't forget .... more great info is shared in the chat room after the formal recording is over!

Wednesday Dec 10 - 3:00PM EST/Noon Pacific
Come meet Derek Johnson, 22 year old genius, CEO and co-founder of TaTango - an easy to use free tool to connect to your community. Join us for this FREE webinar by signing up at Webinar sponsored by OSI Rock Stars.

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