Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Terapeak Keywords App!

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Today is the official release of the Terapeak Keyword Application for eBay sellers and best of all, it's FREE!

If you've ever sold on eBay, you know the first step to creating a great listing is coming up with a great title.

Terapeak Keywords is a free tool that helps eBay sellers optimize their listing titles.

Type in an item's name/description into the search field. Terapeak's tool will then sample 100 recent eBay listings that have also included the specified search term(s) and automatically produces a list of related keywords accompanied by average prices and other metrics.

By clicking the most valuable relevant keywords and adding then to your listing, you can continue to build your title until you've used up all 55 characters!

Here's the summary of its features:

  • 20 suggested keywords related to your search
  • average, maximum & minimum prices for each suggested keyword
  • a self-refreshing suggestions list as you select additional keywords
  • the ability to build your title until you've exhausted all 55 characters
  • all data based on 100 recently closed eBay listings.
It's free!! Available on eBay's Selling Manager Applications platform Try it out!!

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