Monday, November 9, 2009

A ReCap of The 'Presenters Series' Master Mind Roundtable

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The 'Presenters' Series' explores the techniques and tools that are essential for a successful presentation, whether it's an online webinar or an in-person class.

A Master-Mind Round-Table discussion held on Mon Nov 2nd served as the introduction to the 8-part series. Janelle Elms, Phaedra Stockstill and yours truly, Marlene Gavens, shared tips for those who want to master the art of public speaking or teaching.

As part of the series, co-hosts Cindy Shebley and Dany Byrne will be trying out a variety of tools in the individual sessions.

In this first session, they used What did they discover about the service?

First, although there is a lot to recommend the service, during the peak evening hours, Free Conference Pro has a reputation for dropping calls. Sadly, the call re-inforced this reputation - it was dropped half way through. They were unable to continue, and so missed a presentation by the fourth speaker, Sheryl Schuff, as well as the anticipated Question & Answer Session.

Second, the audio quality was spotty. Each speaker's phone had a different sound - some clear and crisp, some with a low hum.

So on a technical front, this call receives a C+

But the content was stellar. Each speaker addressed a different aspect of interviewing, from preparation through helping guests to relax. In addition, the discussion touched on the many ways internet conferencing tools could be used to grow an online business.

I invite you to listen to the replay on The Web Sellers' Circle and to sign up for the remaining 7 sessions!

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