Sunday, December 13, 2009

Developing a Social Media Strategy That Rings the Register

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Join our 'Tips From the Top' podcast this Wed, Dec 16 (3pm ET/noon PT) when our guest will be Bernie Borges, Founder and CEO of Find and Convert and author of "Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap Between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing."

During the podcast Bernie will discuss the steps to take to develop a successful social media strategy for your business. He'll talk about the 4 stages of interaction, content marketing, how to measure results and much more!

In addition, Bernie has generously offered to give away a copy of his book to one of our listeners. The recipient will be chosen based on their level of engagement with him on social media channels. Bernie invites you to connect with him on Twitter (, by joining his Facebook Fan Page, leaving a comment on this blog post and/or adding "Marketing 2.0" to your Amazon Reading List on LinkedIn. The person who has demonstrated the most engagement will win a signed copy of the book.

Our Podcast Chat Room will be open during the call (Wed Dec 16 / 3pm ET/ noon PT) and we welcome your questions and comments!

Be sure to connect with Bernie NOW for the opportunity to win a signed copy of his book, Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing.

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