Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your Exclusive Pass - Access to Success!

In the header of this blog it says you'll get tips, tricks, news and info from a Certified Education Specialist Trained by eBay.

But I'm also a Rock Star - on the OSI (Online Success Institute) Rock Star website!

As a Rock Star I hang out with an entourage - an elite group of highly talented people. These people have chosen to be successful in the online auction world and they really know their stuff.

Of course you have to pay your dues in order to become a Rock Star, but you can get a feel for what it's like by visiting the Rock Star site for a quick preview.

I know you're curious about the Rock Star lifestyle so each week I'll give you a sneak peek into their world. Sometimes it'll be a juicy tidbit you can use in your online business and other times it'll be an exclusive (podcast) recording with one of the brilliant Rock Stars.

Get ready for a glimpse of the exciting world of the OSI Rock Stars! They've chosen success and you can too!

Stay tuned!!


  1. We Rock Stars are so blessed to have members like you! Thanks for all of the solid advice! janieruth

  2. Awesome blog! Great resource for eBay sellers...
    All the Best, Melissa


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