Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Top 5 Items for Back to School

Having spent the last couple of weeks surrounded by frenzied parents in 'Back To School' mode, I learned first-hand what's in demand.

Here are the Top 5 results from my unofficial survey:

1. Lunch Boxes - Hello Kitty is definitely popular with the young ladies who lunch set!

2. Rolling Backpacks - according to 'parents who know' these are best for giving backs a break.

3. Notebook - Binder combo - gives you the best of both worlds!

4. Word Lock Combination Lock - uses 4 or 5 letters as a password (instead of numbers) for those who are number-challenged!

5. Leapfrog Pentop Computer - cool little tool that scans what kids write on paper and helps them with math, spelling and more!

What's popular for 'Back To School' in your house?

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