Monday, March 2, 2009

How To Use Twitter & Facebook in Your Business

Last week, our 'Tips From the Top' podcast guest was Rich Brooks, President of flyte new media. The topic of our call was 'How To Use Twitter & Facebook in Your Business' and Rich gave us some amazing insights and tips.

Here is a bit of the information we covered:
  • why use social media sites
  • the importance of having a strategy if you use social media for your business
  • how to determine which social networking platforms are best for you
  • how to use Twitter research to establish yourself as an expert
  • the 1st thing to do when you sign up for Twitter
  • how to use a Facebook Fan page for your business
  • suggestions for eCommerce sellers on how to use Facebook
  • the 80/20 rule for tweets
  • attracting business vs chasing business
  • how to get people to follow you on Twitter
  • the best book on Social Media

You can listen to entire podcast by clicking this button:

To see the notes from the Chat Room, go to Chat Grabber and type in 19245.

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