Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 Things I Learned the Hard Way

Today, in our 'Tips from the Top' podcast series, we take a look into the world of successful eBay/eCommerce entrepreneurs with Charlene Anderson, Purveyor of All Things Creative.

Charlene is an artist whose work has been featured in major textile, jewelry and bead magazines and exhibited in shows & galleries across the US. She is also an experienced online seller who learned many things by trial and error.

In this podcast , Charlene shares 10 unique tips to help you avoid the mistakes she made!

Find out:

* how to choose a business name when you're a woman
* what to watch out for when going into business with a friend
* how not to choose what to sell
* finding suppliers and dealing with 'the big guys'
* how to get the best deal when working with a supplier
* how to save money when you spend it
* the importance of having an inventory system
* why customer service counts
* when to start developing your brand
* how to approach your branding & design

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