Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Savvy Seller is Having an UnSavvy Moment :-(

Recently, when checking completed listings on eBay, I found something new. What a surprise (lol)!

As you may know, by looking at the 'Completed Listings' pages on the eBay site, you can check to see which items have and have not sold during the past two weeks.

Up until recently when you checked the Completed Listings, the prices would either be in bold green (meaning the item sold for that price) or in red (meaning the item didn't sell).

A couple of weeks ago, prices in BLACK started showing up. At first I thought it was something quirky to my computer but those prices in black are still there!

What do prices in black mean?

Unfortunately there hasn't been a consistent pattern that I can find. In most cases, it looks like the item didn't sell - so why is it not in red? Once in a while an item in black did sell - so why is it not in bold green? Does the format (auction, BIN, etc) make a difference?

If you are in the know, can you help The Savvy Seller become 'savvy' again??


  1. The only thing that comes to my mind is that maybe the black ones were sold with a lower best offer price than asked. FOr example, say seomone put up a BIN for 18.00 and they took 15.00 instead. Did you c anything like that? I will keep this bookmarked! I would love to know as well! Good detective work!

  2. Hoping it's OK to leave a comment on my own blog (LOL)!

    Here's what I found out from an eBay employee who should know:

    Green = SOLD
    Red = NOT Sold - No bids AND No BIN
    Black = NOT Sold - No bids OR No BIN


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