Monday, April 20, 2009

Today's Tip: Google Image Search

You may already use Google's Image Search to find graphics, clip art & photographs but did you know this is also a great way to find additional information on a topic?

Recently I've been doing research for a couple of projects (a powerpoint for a class presentation & articles for the I did the usual Google search to find information on the topics.

Then, since both projects needed some graphics to jazz them up, I went to Google search, clicked on 'Images' and typed in my keywords. The results that came up were the graphics I was looking for.

However, I found that the images that showed up with my keywords were usually attached to articles that hadn't come up when I put the same keywords into a regular Google search.

So here's 'Today's Tip': if you're looking for additional information on a topic, do a search of Google Images and you may discover some excellent, new articles.

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