Friday, August 21, 2009

Frozen Rats, Bonanzle, An eBay Experiment & A Southern Belle

Katori Senkou. Photo taken in Japan.Image via Wikipedia

You will not want to miss today's Tips From the Top Podcast!

Please join us at 11:00am ET (8am PT) as we have the honor of interviewing
Phaedra Stockstill. Phaedra is a serial entrepreneur, the owner/formulator at @ The Boutique, a podcaster and eCommerce Educator.

In today's podcast Phaedra will share the secrets to her success - past and present. You'll also be the first to hear the interesting results of Phaedra's recently conducted eBay experiment. We'll talk 'frozen rats' too!

Today's podcast will be accompanied by a slide presentation. The link to the slides will be sent to those who have joined
The Savvy Seller's Facebook Fan Page - so if you haven't already become a fan, please do so now!

Our Tips From the Top Podcast Chat Room will be open during the call so please join us there and feel free to ask your questions!

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