Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top Tips on How To Get (& Stay) Organized

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Do you have problems getting or staying organized?

If so, you won't want to miss our 3-part Tips From the Top podcast series on 'Getting Organized.'

Our guest is the ever popular Charlene Anderson, Purveyor of All Things Creative. Charlene has been our guest on numerous occasions and her interviews have been some our most popular.

In this 3-part 'Getting Organized' series, Charlene will not only cover the tools that are essential for getting and staying organized, but she'll give tips on how to create the mental attitude that's necessary to achieve your organizing goals.

Join us on Wednesday, August 26 at 4:00pm ET (1:00pm PT) for Part I of 'Getting Organized.' Our Chat Room will be open and we welcome your questions.

Part II will be on Wed Sept 9 and Part III will be on Wed Sept 16.

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  1. Marlene,
    If I could have organized my time better I would have been there.


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