Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breaking News RE: eBay LIVE!!

Just received this info - BREAKING NEWS!

Spot The Rock Star Contest
Are you ready to Choose Success?

The OSI Rock Stars are about to invade eBay Live and YOU can gain insider information to their Success and WIN fabulous prizes!

It’s easy…just find any of these Rock Stars at eBay Live and ask them for a ‘Spot Star’ card (while you are grilling them about their Success Secrets to high DSRs and 15% refunds from eBay). Go to the super secret website address on the card, type in your unique Rock Star number and see if you are a winner! Prizes include a year’s membership to OSI Rock Stars (Value $700+), the hot Flip Video Camera ($170), and many more prizes. Check them out!

Clues will be posted on this site to help you track down those paparazzi-shy Rock Stars. And don’t worry, as we spot them we will be posting that information faster than gossip site TMZ or PerezHilton.

If you spot a Rock Star at Live, we would love to have you send in their picture or a video to .

Good luck and have an amazing eBay Live 2008!


Janelle – 80’s Rocker Chick

Visionaire of OSI Rock Stars

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  1. Can't wait until the Spot the Rock Star Contest begins! See you there!



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