Monday, June 30, 2008

What do As Was & RocketPlace Have in Common? Debbie Levitt!

Today, in our 'Tips from the Top' podcast series, we take another look into the world of successful eBay/eCommerce entrepreneurs with Debbie Levitt, CEO of As Was - eBay's first Certified Service Provider.

As Was is a full service consulting firm specializing in eBay and online sales, business creation and operations management, marketing, and custom website development.

Debbie taught a number of classes at eBay Live this year but before leaving for Chicago, she spent a bit of time talking to us about her life, her company and her upcoming RocketPlace Conference. We even get to hear how her company got its name!!

Be sure to catch Debbie's tips on making your eBay listings work for you. This is a podcast you won't want to miss!! Listen here.

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  1. Don't forget to say that we're most famous for our custom and unique eBay listing templates!

    Thanks, Marlene! :)


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