Monday, June 23, 2008

What Did You Think of eBay Live?

If you have any thoughts on this year's eBay Live, I'd love to hear them!!

While much more subdued and less extravagant than last year's Live in Boston, there were a few highlights. While I'm still putting my thoughts together, here are a few pictures .....

Janelle Elms and Uncle Griff:
Janelle Elms & Uncle Griff

The Savvy Seller (Marlene Gavens) and author Jeffrey Gitomer:
The Savvy Seller & author Jeffrey Gitomer

Sharon Ware (Dandelion Consulting) and Uncle Griff (Jim Griffith):
DSCN9327 cropped

Grannie Annie:

Cindy Shebley (CloverCity Sells) and Joyce Banbury:
Cindy Shebley (CloverCity) and Joyce Banbury (danse) at eBay Live


  1. Marlene - I had a wonderful time. I wish it was longer, wanted to sit down and chat a little with you. Thanks for posting those great photos.

  2. I had a great time - I enjoyed it much more than Boston. Though the atmosphere was more subdued, it felt as though everyone there was more concerned to improve their business than to wear wacky hats and be "eBay fans", and I appreciated that.

    See you in Florida in 2010?


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