Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Janelle Elms, OSI Rock Stars & eBay

Today, in our 'Tips from the Top' podcast series, we take another look into the world of successful eBay/eCommerce entrepreneurs with Janelle Elms, eBay expert, author, entrepreneur and Visionaire of OSI Rock Stars.

You may know Janelle Elms from the popular workshops she offers at eBay Live, from her Online Success Institute newsletters or from her OSI Rock Stars site. However in this interview, Janelle not only shares eBay stories, she gives us insight into what makes her tick. Find out who she considers to be her mentors, why she started OSI Rock Stars, what happens behind the scenes and what she does for fun.

Meet the fascinating and dynamic 'Janelle Elms' in this exclusive interview! You can listen right here.

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  1. This was a great interview. You have a wonderful way of getting people to open up when you interview them. I really enjoy these podcasts. Thanks, Marlene!


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