Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flip For a Great Cause

Just wanted to let you know that right NOW you have a chance to bid on a Flip Video Ultra CamCorder (2 GB 60 Min) that's being auctioned on eBay for a great cause.

Yours truly won this Flip camera in an OSI Rock Star contest. Since I already have a Flip camera (and LOVE it!), I decided to auction this one on eBay and donate the proceeds to JanieRuth's Chipin Fund.

JanieRuth as you may recall from my previous blog post on the Traveling Lab Coat, suffered a severe head injury while in Chicago attending this year's eBay Live. Prior to her injury, JanieRuth and I made some fun videos so it was most appropriate that the proceeds from the sale of this Flip Video camera go to help cover some of the major expenses her family has incurred.

My colleague and fellow Rock Star Cindy Shebley has listed the camera for me.

Click here to bid on this brand new Flip Video camera.

Or, watch the progress & easily bid by clicking on the green 'View and Bid' button in the box below.

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