Monday, July 28, 2008

The Traveling Lab Coat is Fabulous and Funky!

There were many highlights of eBay Live in Chicago this year. For me, one of them was meeting the Fabulous and Funky Janieruth Reding.

I initially 'met' Janieruth in the forums on OSI Rock Stars and got to know her better when she was a guest on my podcast series this past May. Spending time with Janieruth at the ES day prior to Live and during the first day of Live was truly amazing. Janieruth is a bundle of energy and spunk, a sharp lady with a loving family. I was fortunate to meet and have lunch with Janieruth's daughter, Regan, the first day of Live.

Unfortunately, Janieruth had a terrible accident on day #2 of Live. She fell off a banister while visiting a local museum, sustained a major head injury and was rushed to the hospital where she remained for weeks. You can follow her progress on this site.

A very special charity auction is now in progress to benefit both Janieruth and the Alabama Head Injury Foundation (Janiruth is from AL). My colleague CJ Jacinto has worked hard to put this auction together and is doing it in the 'Traveling Lab Coat' tradition. You can learn more about the Traveling Lab Coat in the auction listing.

Please consider becoming part of the 'Traveling Lab Coat' tradition.

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