Friday, November 21, 2008

Do You Really Know What Your Buyers Think?

Most online sellers know that 'exceeding expectations' leads to happy buyers & happy buyers become repeat customers.

Did you know there's a wonderful opportunity to 'exceed expectations' & promote branding that many sellers overlook? It's in the packaging!

Don't underestimate how a bit of thought & some inexpensive techniques can improve the buyer's experience. eBay sellers who are concerned about shipping DSR's may want to consider this as they look to maintain or raise their scores.

Earlier this week in our 'Tips From the Top' podcast, JoAnn Hines - the Packaging Diva - stated that "a buyer's perception of a transaction is out of the seller's control," but if the packaging is memorable and easy-to-use it can play a significant role in increasing customer satisfaction.

For example, if your package is hard to open and the buyer becomes frustrated or angry, those negative feelings transfer over into what the buyer feels about YOU. Their perception of the transaction will be negative and may be reflected in their rating!

Here are a few of JoAnn's tips:

  • put a label outside the package with a cheery message (i.e. 'open quickly for a great surprise inside!')

  • use colored bubble wrap that matches your brand
  • when including an extra, say that it's 'our gift to you' since people are looking for value

Many online sellers already include an extra 'goody' in their packages. Earlier this week I read an interesting blog post by LULUNASTAMPS about 'Snowman Soup'. As she suggested, 'Snowman Soup' would make an excellent & memorable 'gift with purchase' this holiday season.

Curious about the 'goodies' that sellers put in their packages, I posed the question on Twitter and received numerous responses. Among them were replies from @myauctionsource, @rainmanesq, @ebayandbeyond, @OldWorldLimited, @TekGems, and @redINKdiary!

Some 'extras' relate to the product that was sold while others promote the seller's brand. Some 'goodies' serve to move out slow-moving product & others were purchased specifically as 'thank-you' gifts.

Here are a few ideas from those who responded:

  • a pack of gum included with sports card orders to evoke nostalgia

  • a magnet with the seller's website logo on it

  • iPod cases labelled with 'Compliments of ...."

  • a novelty item or pin

  • a small jar of cream

  • a piece of costume jewelry

  • a hand-written thank you note

  • stickers included with scrapbook orders

  • candy canes included with holiday orders

  • ballpoint pens with business logo & web url

  • a frisbee with business logo

  • bookmark with business logo

  • dog biscuits

  • postcard with website info

If you include something special or unusual in YOUR packages, please let us know about it!

All the best -
The Savvy Seller

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