Monday, November 17, 2008

'How To Blog with WordPress' UPDATE

Many thanks to Dany Byrne of Ghostleg Media for an extremely informative and very popular 3-part training on How to Blog with WordPress.

You can continue Dany's WordPress training with a webinar this coming Tuesday, Nov 18 at 3pm EST (noon Pacific) hosted by Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars.

Dany and Janelle will be taking us on a special, backstage sneak peek at WordPress 2.7’s new Dashboard and Plugin features. Dany has installed a beta copy of WordPress 2.7 on her web site just for this webinar. This is an amazing opportunity to get a look at all the new goodies - and I'm sure you're going to be delighted with what you see!

To join this free OSI Rock Stars webinar, sign up here.

In her 3 'How To Blog with WordPress' podcasts Dany covered a great amount of information including:

5 Questions to Answer Before You Begin Blogging
Which Wordpress is right for you?
Themes, Plug-Ins & SEO
The Art of Blog Writing
Profitable Blogging
How to make your blog your own
What to look for in a theme
Template do’s and dont’s
How to optimize your blog for the best search engine rankings
Plug-ins and customizations
Blog subscribers and RSS feeds
... And quite a bit more

If you missed the live trainings, you can download them from The Savvy Seller's 'Tips From the Top' podcast series.

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  1. Great Series Marlene!

    I am looking forward to helping with the next round of podcasts and I thank you for the invitation.

    Wordpress is a wonderful blog software, yet some people like myself use it for much more. Wordpress is a great CMS or Content Management System for small to medium sized business websites.

    Content Management Systems are simple to maintain and easy to update website software suites. The reasons why using a CMS is so advantageous are many, but the main one is ease of use for the end user.

    All of the heavy graphical work is handled in CSS, leaving the user to do what most people want to do with a website - enter information that their customers want to see in a timely and attractive manner.

    Some CMS platforms are open source like Wordpress and Joomla / Mambo or Drupal, others are proprietary closed systems. I prefer to work with open source. For small businesses looking for an easy to update, easy to manage and attractive website with unlimited page capability but not too wild graphics or heavy database features, Wordpress is very hard to beat.
    Lets keep this discussion going!
    I look forward to helping in any way I can.

    Scott Pooler


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