Friday, May 1, 2009

Giving Works!

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eBay has a program that helps sellers who want to contribute some or all of their auction proceeds to a charity of their choice.

The program is called Giving Works.

Perhaps you've come across listings with a distinctive blue & yellow ribbon icon next to them. That ribbon icon denotes a charity auction.

Many eBay buyers specifically look for charity auctions when they go to purchase an item.

These auctions typically bring in a higher closing price because buyers know some or all of the proceeds are going to charity.

An excellent example of an eBay seller using Giving Works is John (
ColderICE ) Lawson. He is currently running a Giving Works auction where 100% of the proceeds will go to fight Breast Cancer. You can see him explain the auction here:

John has other charity auctions up as well. You can find all the auctions here or go to eBay and type 'colderICE' into the search box to locate them.

If you've ever thought about 'giving back' why not try eBay's 'Giving Works?'

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