Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's on Your iPod?

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Many people buy iPods so they can listen to music while they're on the go.

The iPod came into my life so I could listen to audiobooks while I was exercising. Exercise is my favorite thing to do - NOT! - so it was my hope that listening to a book would provide the necessary motivation.

And then I found podcasts. Currently my iPod is 90% podcasts and webinars and only about 10% music (mostly classical).

So, who's on my ipod?

Janelle Elms: Janelle's OSI Rock Star site contains hundreds of hours of podcasts and webinars all related to eCommerce and online selling. Comprehensive information that is essential to know if you want your business to succeed.

John Jantsch: These
Small Business Marketing podcasts are mostly interviews with the movers and shakers in the 'internet marketing for small business' world. Informative and inspiring.

Jay Berkowitz:
The 10 Golden Rules podcasts include tips about leading internet marketing trends, interviews with superstars in the field and interesting contributions from the 10 Golden Rules staff along with the 'song of the week.' A delicious sampling that delivers the goods.

AuctionBytes: eCommerce Industry SoundBytes provides an excellent overview of the eCommerce world as Ina Steiner interviews leaders in the field.

StartupNation Radio: There are several channels here but I like the 'Tips for Entrepreneurs' podcasts best. These address subject areas not found in some of the other podcasts.

Anita Campbell: Small Business Trends Radio is an hour-long radio program featuring in-depth interviews with small business experts. A wide variety of topics are covered and some of the most interesting/helpful are the stories from the trenches which include abundant tips and advice for the small business owner.

Dave White:
Dave's eBay and Beyond: Basics to Business podcast and streaming video provides candid, informative and timely information for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Walt Kolenda: Brainstorming Bonanzle is full of information not just about the Bonanzle platform but about eCommerce selling in general. Topics are always relevant, timely and informative.

John Lawson: Your boy, John 'colderICE' Lawson serves up knowledge along with his winning personality during the B.S. Walks podcast and live streaming video. Definitely a spicy new flavor and perspective on eCommerce!

Debbie Levitt: Debbie Levitt, CEO of AsWas, hosts a call-in radio show called Talking eBay with AsWas which encompasses eBay, website selling strategies, branding, marketing, design, business models, tools and social media.

Who's on YOUR ipod??


  1. Me too Marlene, about 90% podcasts now! I have many of the same as you, but throw in eBay Radio, along with The River The Ranch and The Bay, one of my faves :-)

  2. Yes - those are great additions to the list.

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has 90% podcasts on their iPod! :-)

  3. Me too... I'm a podcast junkie too. I listen to those plus Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller and This American Life.


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