Sunday, February 22, 2009

Join Me on This Journey

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Cindy Shebley, CEO of Web Sellers Circle.

Our interview was about Cindy's new DVD,
'Making Money with the eBay Partner Network.'

Cindy shared lots of useful information and got me intrigued about the idea of making a passive income. Really now, who wouldn't want to make a bit of extra money for only a few hours of work?

Since many affiliate programs strike me as phony 'get-rich-quick schemes,' I'm normally a bit leery of them but I trust Cindy and this approach seems like it has potential. I even know a few people who are making some income from the program.

So..... I've decided to try it out! I'm going to keep you posted on my progress and hopefully I'll be able to report some success after my site is set up.

I invite you to follow me on this journey. I'll be starting this week and plan to follow the step-by-step instructions on
Cindy's DVD.

This week I'm going to do some research to find a niche area. I'm doing this first so I know what keywords I'll want to use when I purchase my domain name.

Join me and see what happens!

If you'd like to listen to Cindy's podcast interview, you can find it in our 'Tips From the Top' series.

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