Monday, February 2, 2009

TameBay & Things Learned The Hard Way #2

Mark your calendars!
You won't want to miss this week's 'Tips From the Top' podcasts!

Image of tamebay from TwitterImage of tamebay

Monday Feb 2 - 3:00pm EST (noon PST)
Meet Sue Bailey from TameBay

Sue Bailey is co-author of TameBay, the highly regarded eBay news blog that provides up-to-the-minute news, views, hints and tips for eBay sellers & ecommerce merchants. In addition to her eBay related activities, she is also involved in web design and web development work. Join Sue as she talks with us about TameBay, eBay and all things eCommerce.

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Image of Charlene Anderson from TwitterImage of Charlene Anderson

Wed Feb 4 - 2:00pm EST (11am PST)
Things I Learned the Hard Way #2
with Charlene Anderson, Purveyor of All Things Creative

Several months ago Charlene shared an incredible list of 'things' she learned the hard way. These turned out to be practical and insightful tips for the ecommerce entrepreneur! This podcast has been one of the most popular ones we've done so far, based on the large number of downloads. Join Charlene as she shares more 'things she learned the hard way' so you won't have to!

Click here to listen and join us in the chat room where you can ask your questions!

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