Monday, January 12, 2009

Business Atmosphere Cold? Warm Up with colderICE Podcasts!

John Lawson is CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, a blogger, vlogger, podcaster and more! You can take full advantage of his personality and knowledge on the social networking site Twitter where he is known as @colderICE.

Anyway, John has been doing a special series of interviews leading up to Tuesday, January 13th. You can read all about them on John's blog.

Here's a list of the amazing interviews so far:

Dave White -
eBay and Beyond: Basics to Business
Randy Smythe -
My Blog Utopia
Brandon Dupsky -
ECMTA Director
Ina Steiner -
Dwight Miller - Start A Business Backwards &
Black Genius Network

I was actually fortunate enough to be a part of this series and you can read all about my interview with John on his blog.

Tune in today (Jan 12) at 4:30PM (EST) to listen to the next guest interview!

The BIG day is tomorrow, Tue Jan 13th. Will John give us hints today?

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