Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keywords: Are You Losing Money by Using the Wrong Ones?

Keywords are the specific words that buyers use to find the items that you sell.

To be successful, a seller must use the same keywords their buyers are using AND they must place those keywords correctly on their site so the search engine 'spiders' will find them.

How do you find the keywords your buyers are using? There are a number of online tools that provide the information whether you sell on eBay or elsewhere. Some are free and some are subscription services. Use the sites most relevant to your business to create a comprehensive list of at least 50-75 words. Remember to go back to these tools several times a year to keep your keywords up-to-date.

Now that you've compiled your list, add the keywords to the places where search engine 'spiders' will find them. If you sell on eBay, start by including them in your Store description, as Store categories and in your custom pages. If you have a website, begin by including them in your metatags.

Your keyword list provides additional benefits by using it in other ways. Since the keywords are what your buyers are searching for, use the words to give you ideas for new items to add to your product line or as topics to write about in a blog or squidoo lens.

To learn more about finding the right 'profitable' keywords for your business, join us for a Free Podcast on Mon Jan 26th - 3:00pm EST (noon PT). Our guest instructor for this training is Janelle Elms.

Janelle is a best-selling author, speaker, Visionaire of OSI Rock Stars and creator of the Profitable Keyword CD - a 4-hr step-by-step training on using Keywords for a more profitable business.

Our information-packed podcast will cover:

  • what keywords are
  • why keywords are essential to your business
  • how to set up your keyword list
  • keyword tools
  • where to use your keywords
  • and more!

You're welcome to join us in the chat room where you can 'talk' with others and type in any questions you have for Janelle.

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