Friday, January 16, 2009

e-Newsletters: Tips For Success

Thinking about starting a newsletter for your eCommerce business?

Check out our 'Tips From the Top' Newsletter Training podcasts and get started on the right foot!

These 2 podcasts will show you how to effectively create a newsletter. You'll also learn insider tips to make yours a huge success.

The guest trainer for this informative 2-part series was Greg Bala. Greg has been working in online marketing for the last 11 years. Currently he is the Director of 3rd Party and Affiliate Marketing at Sales in a Click.

Below you'll find some of the valuable information covered in the podcasts:
  • what e-newsletters are

  • who should use them

  • who should receive them

  • why you want to send them

  • pitfalls and things to avoid

  • how to construct an effective newsletter

  • ideas for content

  • how often to send

  • type of template to use

  • the different kinds of newsletters

  • how to include a 'sales pitch'

  • what to include in your letter

  • what you can test for

  • how to create a community

  • how to establish a voice

  • how to reward loyalty

  • Best Practices

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