Friday, January 16, 2009

eBay Stores - Is Yours the Best It Can Be? Get a Free Consultation & Find Out!

By now I expect most everyone is aware of the announcement eBay made earlier this week about the 'New eBay Store Experience.'

If your store design template has been heavily customised, the change will impact you the most. Be sure to preview your store NOW to be certain it will transition well when the change takes place at the end of March.

While it's easy to set up an eBay Store, there are many features included with a Store subscription that sellers are unaware of or aren't using to their best advantage.

On today's Tips From the Top podcast, our topic is 'eBay Stores.' Along with a general discussion of Stores, we're offering you the unique opportunity to have a mini-consultation/review of your Store during the podcast! You'll get praise for what you're doing right and gentle feedback & suggestions for areas that could be improved.

If you don't want your store mentioned during the podcast, feel free to DM the link to me on Twitter. We'll discuss the points without referring to your store specifically.

Today's 'Tips From the Top' podcast is at 1:00pm EST (10 am PT).

Joining me, The Savvy Seller, is our guest Debbie Levitt, CEO of AsWas. Debbie's company was eBay's first Certified Consultant and they designed last year's 'Best Standard Store' winner.

Please join us at 1:00pm and visit in the chatroom too!

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