Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Table Was Turned -

Happy New Year!

I hope the holiday season was everything you wished for and more!

To start off 2009, the table - well actually the microphone - was turned!

Instead of asking the questions as I do in our 'Tips From the Top' podcasts, today I was a podcast guest on John Lawson's (colderICE) Internet Commerce and eBay podcast show and he asked the questions!

John is CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an eBay powerseller, podcaster and vlogger. He has all the bases covered! It was a pleasure, an honor and lots of fun to be on his show.

Hope you have a chance to download the podcast. It's one of the few times I'll be on the other side!

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  1. It was an excellent interview, gleamed a lot of good information. Thank you for sharing!
    Nice to get you on the "other side" lol.



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