Sunday, January 11, 2009

Keep Up With eBay Announcements

It's important for eBay sellers to keep track of the many policy changes that effect their listings. Listings that are not compliant risk being pulled.

To keep up with the changes and find out how they impact your listings, join Debbie Levitt, CEO of AsWas, every Tuesday as she hosts a 30 minute radio show called 'eBay Seller Compliance Workshop'.

Every Tuesday from noon - 12:30 PM (EST) Debbie will go over what you can or cannot include in your listings, templates, Stores, custom Store pages and About Me pages. You are welcome to call into the show (646-716-9221) and ask a question or type it into the chat room for Debbie to answer.

On Monday Jan 12th at 4:30PM (EST) Debbie will discuss the most recent eBay Announcements on John Lawson's colderICE podcast.

On Friday Jan 16th at 1:00PM (EST), Debbie will be our guest on our 'Tips From the Top' podcast to further discuss what's new.

For even more information tune in on Saturday, Jan 17th at 10:30AM (EST) when Debbie joins Dave White on his eBay and Beyond Radio Show .

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